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Adams, Gary - Allow Six To Eight Weeks For Delivery, The Whitebark Pine
Adams, Sean - Three Short Works
Allynn, Dawn - Photographs
Alonso, Lisette - The Things Not Found
Alvarez Bravo, Manuel - Photographs
Ames, Brian - Marching In Renton
Anderson, Stanley P. - Conscience, The Bible, Nels And Mollie, How I Lost My Wallet, The Other Carl
Ares, Adam - Nancy & Jester
Augello, Chuck - Nebraska
Azran, Raquelle - Vietnamese Art , The Spirit Of The Maccabees
Bailey, Patricia - Hard Things
Ball, Margo - Beyond The Baby Blues
Barchi, Deborah - The Haircut
Barnes, Rusty - Dance
Bellizzi, Ben - Trekking Through the Cordillera Real
Bergman, Carol - Recently , Interview, Splitting
Bernard, Greg Richard - Most Likely
Beyatte, Marcie - Double Or Nothing, Crazy
Birk, Sandow - The Divine Comedy
Bittner, Russell - Crime And Punishment
Bledsoe, CL - Franken-Frog
Bolles, Whitman - The Day I Sold My Vinyl
Bomer, Paula -Wear And Tear
Bonsey, Justin - The Inconvenience of Memories
Bornstein, Dan - Cherry's Cake
Bossick, Mike - Vishnu Gets A Buddy
Boyer, Sabrina - While You Are Gone
Boykin, Lydia - I Could Be Mary Poppins, But I'm Not
Bradley, John - Three Footnotes
Brauker, Austen - Dreaming Bodies
Breeden, David - Having A Look At Maggie, What Needs To Be Done
Buchanan, Andrea J. - Hidden
Buchanan, Lisa k. - Advice For The New Stepmother, Confessions Of A Bookstore Publicist
Bulley, David - The Fish Clubber
Bullock, Blake Marie - Death Of An Astronaut
Burkett, Tom - The Haunting, Inexorable Poltergeist Of Our Lives, The Love Letters of one Edgar Allen Poe
cabrera, g. martinez - A Day In The Life Of A Donut Store
Cahill, Misha - The Theft
Carey, Donia - Birthday On The Hill
Case, Susan H. - Mesmer's Canary
Cavanaugh, Kay - Ms. Ellie, Beyond The Call Of Duty
Chandler, Nick - Lessons
Chaney, Gayla - Heading West
Chau, Hauquan - The Man Who Bit Hair
Chester, Annie - Batman And I
Chiew, Elaine - Cuckoo
Ciabattari, Jane - MamaGodot
Clamage, Stacy - Visions of Mary
Clark, Paul - Cold Comfort
Cole, C.A. - The Skinwalker, Learning From The Setter
Collins, Mike - Landmarks
Colvin, John - Snapper Lake
Communal Writing - Out Cold, Out Of Sight
Competition Results - Disparate Elements, Missing Pages , Burning Book
Cook, Bill - Already Gone , Sanchez Time
Cook, Scott A. - Miracle-Gro
Corrigan, Dawn - The Blackjack Dealer
Coupland, Krishan - Dreaming
Covington, Patsy - Old Man Walter's Butter Knife
Cox, D.B. - Okay Is Good Enough
Crabtree, Neil - The Rebellion of Sisyphus, Live Band Tonight , After The Storm, Somewhere, Lit On The Side
Crouse, Justin - Lines, Not Circles
Cunningham, Michael J. - First Lesson In Love , No Nic Journal, Cut
Darling, Nadine - Another Song For You
Davis, Susan Heldt - Dinner Party
DeMarco, Peter -Eraser
Dew, Spencer - Lines For Kate, In Kathy Acker's Florida, The Body Museum
Dufresne, John - Interview
Dunlap, Susanne - Unfinished
Dunlop, Dillon - Tonight I was Going To Ask Her To Marry Me
Engle, Margarita - No Two Alike, Nightwriting, Interview, El Greco's Garden, Prescience, Map, Beam Me Up, Fishing With A Kite, Extremes Of The Natural World, The Lion-Mover, Wild Streak, The Forest of Glass, Summit, Jacaranda, Aroma, After Pangaea, Cuban Family Stories
Enjeti-Sydow, Anjali - The Looking Glass
Escher, M.C. - Art Gallery
Estabrook , Michael - Out Of The Blue , Shakespeare's Chin , My Direct Genealogical Lineage, Was he human, a man like any other?
Fain, Jon - B. and E., Endpapers, Again
Fairbanks, Marcia - Ben At The Door, 3:15 a.m.
Faries, Chad - Lincoln Street
Ferrence, Matt - Envy In The Sky
Fifield, Mary - Elvis Impersonator
Flick, Sarah - Love And The Tropics
Flynn, John - Desire Equals Rain , Cajolery
Foley, Margaret - The Fowl Executioner
Francis, Patry - The Year, The Day, The Hour , The Hero Speaks
Fredd, Don - Bad Moon Rising, Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask, Then Assist Others, The Teenybopper Zen Master
Gager, Timothy - Dances, Joeseph
Gallagher, Michael - Whistling In The Wind
Galmitz, Jack - The Outing, The Parakeet
Gammell, Noah - Twelve Days Ago
Garcia, Janelle - The Wake
Garson, Scott - The Seduction
Gauthier, Gail - A Night At The Dojo
Genna, Jamey M.- The Painting, Clipped, Ration Coupons, Reruns
Gerke, Greg - The Friend
Germanacos, Anne - Socialism
Gibson, Laura - Greased Pig
Glassman, Michael - To Kill A Guru
Gomoll, Jennifer - Funeral Parlor
Gonzalez, Ann - Mad Dog, Sunrise At Sunset
Grayson, Richard - Vampires of Northwest Arkansas , La Difficulté d’Être
Greenberg, Joy - No Long Goodbyes , Blood Dumpster
Guderian, Joseph - The Confession Box
Ha, Katherine - Gauche
Hagborg, Marja - Howling Alone In Albuquerque , Never Now
Hale, Isabella - The Cow's Tongue
Hamilton, Cathie Byers - The Melinda Theory
Hampel, Joshua - The Band-Aid
Harper-Fox, Season - Radio
Harris, Mark - Art Gallery
Harwood, Larry -The Saints
Healy, T.R. - Angels On Horseback and Other Memories of an Oyster Eater as a Young Man
Heiny, Sharon - Reasons Why We Fell Apart
Hemmings, Kyle - Fish Bowl
Henkin, Joshua - Interview
Howard, David - Thieves
Hua, Vanessa - Like Reyes
Huai, Tai Dong - Chinaman's Chance
Huggett, Brady - Game Day
Humphrey, Charley - African Dawn
Humphrey, David - New Package And Empire
Irelan, Patrick - The Forties
Ito, Susan - A Small Crime , Mother's Day, 1980
Jensen, Sandra - Sunrise Cafe
Johnson, Stephanie - Faux-Finish
Jolly, Donna - A Million More Moments Like This
Jordan, Elaine Greensmith - Water Into Wine
Jordan, Jason - Surviving
Kammeyer-Mueller, Mia - Seven Weeks.
Kann, Valerie - Smart Girl's Love Affair
Kanter, Lynn - Her Own Vietnam
Kaufman, Jennie - Clues
Keefe, Al - To The People Who Will Buy Our House
Kennedy, Michelle - My Sister's Keeper
Kidder, Cheryl Diane - Sugar
Kincy, Denise - Grief
Kimzey, William - She Called Back Tonight
Kirton, Hank - Armless
Kivett, Henry - Quality of Life
Kojo, Toshiki - Crack As A Goddess
Kooning Lansbergen, Tamas - Photographs
Kronik, Bernard - Free Coffee
Lacey, Ruth - The Dress
Lago, Susan - The Goddess House
Landau, Margot - Jan
Langham, Simon - Dawn Breaks Everything
Langlands, Teeta - Dancing With Mother
Lapidus, Richard - Love Story
Lassiter, Tom - South Florida Gardening
Latta, Ruth - Commencement
Lawson, Sarah E. - Lucky One
Lee, Wes - Seahorses
Lenton, Chris - Coke And Oreos
Levy-Prewitt, Joanne - Tanner Collins
Lietuva, Cara - A Letter from Han Solo, Marooned by the Australian Government on the Island of Nauru
Lin, Jamie - This Was Our Dream
Lipham, Wade - Wolves And Women
Loeb, Karen - Border Skirmishes
Long, Laurie - Becoming Nancy Drew
Long, Robert Hill (with Bruce Holland Rogers) - Paper Boats, The Smallest Things
Lucas, Linera - I Remember The Look
Lucero, Scott - One Morning, In Ninth Grade
Luddite, Laurel and Skunkly Monkly - Fire And Ice
Macias-Mossman, F. - Knowing Medusa
Mahony, Tom - Saltwater Crucible, Field Day, May
Malcangio, Tori - Nothing Left To Miss
Maltezos, Antonios - The Marker, The Fortunate Son, The Last Man, Scraps, Bingo And The Rib Eye
Maloy, Kate - Dogs Named Bear
Martin, Mark - A Garage With No Windows
McAdams, Janet - Border Crossing
McCormick, Andrew - And I Smile
McDougall, Anna - Escape
McGovern, P. Terrence - The Gadget
McKnight, Dianne - Trees And Strangers, A Good Ending, The Gulf, Last Blue Sky Mile
McManigal, Fawn - 118 Degrees, 22 Minutes, And 10 Seconds
McManus, Michael P. - Contraband
Mead, Stephen - Losing Myself , Do You Know How I Want It?
Meksin, Anya - Village Games
Meksin, e.v. - Paintings
Merbaum, Lindsay - What You Keep
Mesler, Corey - The Only One-Armed Man I Ever Knew, Interview, The Writer's Lover
Miller, Case - Texas
Miller, Chris - Cripple, Red River Rebellion
Miller, Sue - Jam
Misuraca, Thomas J. - Perks
Moore, Gregory - Lamentation For A Friend (I'm Sorry, Jim)
Moriconi, Kristina - Spilling
Moshimer, Gary - Drift
Mulligan, JB - Mimbles And Thimbles, Among Others
Munez, pc - twenty haiku
Murphy, Patrick J. - Paintings
Must, Dennis - I Think Jesus Is Fred Astaire
Nellen, Stefani - Milk
Nelson, Samuel F. - Crushing
Novak, JoAnna - Blood Blister
Obilade, Michael - My Mother of God
Obioma, Chigozie John - The Sower of Green Things
Ocampo, Flaminia - Hairy Rugs, Remembering Lucy Grealy
O'Doherty, Susan - At Fairlawn, Spring To Fall, Land Of The Silver Birch, Le Morte D'Amy
Ohlson, Kristin - Boom, Visiting Dorothy
Oliveira, Laet - The Recital
O'Neal, Margaret - Her B-Flat Future
O'Neill, Bill - The Rules
Osborne, Randall - Oedipus Hex, The Lake, The Public Reading
Ostdick, Nick - Dream When You're Old, Brothers
O'Sullivan, Colin - Watching Candida 117, Giant, The Obituaries, The Woods, Familiar
Otsuka, Julie - Interview
Pak, J.A. - What I Did For Pho, Brian, Lisa And The Robinsons, Mixtape
Peach, Jane - Running With The Big Dogs , Under My Skin
Pearlman, Edith - It Is I
Plakcy, Neil - Japanese Time
Platz, Melody - Erosion Of Bedrock
Pobo, Kenneth - Up, Up And Away
Potter, Chris - Photographs
Quibilan Jr., Zosimo - Gel
Reale, Michelle - The Night Garden, Now That You've Asked, You Are My Sunshine
Reece, Bethany - Maggot, Greyhound
Reed, Mary Lynn - The Brass Section, The Axiom Of Choice
Reynolds, Brian - Boots In The City
Riblett, Cortny M. - Sweet Epiphany
Rich, Shelly - Mechanics Of The Universe
Ripley, Michael - The Fighter
Ritter, David - Art Gallery
Roberts, Leslie Hale - Crazy Birds, Where Someone You Know Has Died
Robinson, Sandy - Reinventing Simon
Robinson, William - Kinesiology
Rodgers, Ken - The Gods Of Angkor Wat
Rogers, Bruce Holland (with Robert Hill Long) - Paper Boats, The Smallest Things
Rowland, Russell - One Small Step , The Best Hand In The County, Interview
Ruiz, Phe - Paintings
Rycraft, R.A. - Shh
Sanders, Lauren - Ninety-Sixth, Impetus
Sarai, Sarah - Stars
Sato, Kiko - When She Falls, Tipping
Schlatter, James - Crabs
Schrader-Brown, Adam - Cowboy
Schultz, Eva - Lost Son
Schweer, Paul - With Each Other And Moving, The Road In The Distance, Turning What Remained, A Man Who Counted On Me, Like Everything Was Going To Be Fine
Scotellaro, Robert - Space Travel
Seccombe, Andrew - Not Everyone Ends Up With Their Perfect Partner
See, Patti - Family Story
Sexton, John W. - Mrs. Frobisher's Significant Moment, Girl In The River Sallies, The Marsh Drains Into The Deep, Sive's Vision, The Book End, Interview, Summer Swarm and Flight, The Overcoat, The woggan stick, the maggottypie, and all the broken china, Milo Hennessy's Work With Invisible Literature and The Inner Text Of Stanford Lessington
Sexton, Martin - Stone Shroom Sex
Shaw, Tomi - Copter Blades And Tangelo Slices
Sheehan, Eileen - upended on my way to someplace
Sheehan, Tom - Small Influences of Pebbles And Words
Shelley, Mary - Brides of Frankenstein
Shue, Candy - The Goldfish Farm
Silliman, Daniel - The Chicken's Plague
Silverman, Paul - Getaway , Lali Pops , The Next Kate Spade, Blood Pressure, Glasses, The Kid Machine
Sloane, Karel - Secrets, Reflections
Smith, Ian Duncan - Have You Quite Finished?, Think Of A Name For It
Smith-Stevens, Emma - The Bodega At The End Of The Earth , The Lost Book of the Iliad, Painting A Face
Sowden, Elizabeth - Anywhere But Algiers, The Body Left Behind
Spaide, Kevin - Morton Warner , I Have You Now
Speece, Mary - Irons
Stangl, Lucas - Through Your Strength You Shall Overcome
Starr, Lisa - Karate Camp
Steinkamp, Jennifer - Art Gallery
Stickrod, Randall - The Real Thing , Walk Softly, Dark Matter
Strongin, Lynn - Miss Mary's, My First Polio, Little Quaker Chairs
Sweet, John - Dischordia
Swingle, James - The Day My Face Fell Off, Fortune Cookie
Tea, Travis - Interview
Tenenbraus, Lyra - The Dinosaur Garden
Thomason, Selena - Bar Fly
Thompson, James - Torture, Pool Sharp, Wilderness
Thorn, Veronica - The Ocean Floor
Torke, Kyle - Bullet
Torrent, Juan - Art Gallery
Toth, Paul A. - Ant Farm, Mother Mary
Treat, Richard D. - /ana/: Etymology of a Goddess
Tyler, Pat - The Red Boots , Forget About Nails
Van Noord, Joel - Mimes, Why Not And Only If, Art Gallery, Penetration
Vaughn, Jennifer - Train Trestle
Vesenny, Ania - I cut him a peony, I left the door unlocked
Villi, Iva - Photographs
Visual Politics - Art Gallery
Vola, Christopher C. - Wheelchair
Waldman, Howard - Plant No Trees In The Garden, H5N1
Walsh, Devin - When The Moon Went Missing
Watson, Alla Michelle - Flawless
Weber, Nancy Lynn - Gravity
Wells, Brandi - Delicious
Wells, Colleen - When I'm Eighty-Four, Laughing Out Loud, Mr. Tufford, Snake
White, Charles Dodd - Norman Mailer Is Dead
Williams, Mark - A Moment To Remember
Willison, Wayne - Summer Lies
Wiseman, Laura Madeline - A Wall of Sound, A Spool Of Thread, The Fairy Fountain
Wodzinski, Beth - A Celebratory Kielbasa
Zacharia, Shellie - Bird Song
Zackheim, Victoria - The Scar
Zilka, Christine Lee - Just A Little Feeling
Zurlo, Tony - Vivaldi's Muse: A Soapy Opera


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