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In the Art Gallery:
Patrick J. Murphy

Patrick J. Murphy, Mountain.
Oil on canvas, 20x24 inches.


Patrick J. MurphySky.
Oil on canvas, 20x24 inches.


Patrick J. Murphy, Melody.
Oil on canvas. 20x24inches.


Patrick J. Murphy, Star.
Oil on canvas, 20x24 inches.

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The stark paintings of Irish artist Patrick J. Murphy have the brightness of a Ken Done canvas and the visual impact of Keith Haring's bold lines.

Accessibility is Patrick's hallmark. His goal is “to evoke with beauty, sensitivity and power, an honest and empathetic response to his work.” His subject, he says, is “emotion, pure and simple.”

Patrick, who studied Art and Art History at the Belfast Institute of Higher Education, has been influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites. "I find...their sense of beauty and mystery especially appealing," he says. He is drawn to Pablo Picasso "for his lightness of touch," to Edvard Munch "for his expressive passion," and to Vincent Van Gogh "for his love of color."

Patrick's work is available online at He can be contacted at

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