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Tamas Kooning Lansbergen





My Dog Boris, Siberian Husky






Allistair Loque



Showtime, Scotty



Departure Of The Soul



Rolling Stones De Ibiza




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It is the particular talent of Tamas Kooning Lansbergensculpture, painter, and photographer—-to find beauty in still spaces and fleeting moments.

Both his portraits and landscapes are stark, yet charged with emotion. In Love, for instance, the contrast between the lowered gaze of the man embracing and the open, outward look of the embraced creates a startling sense of intimacy.

Tamas's attention to detail, as well his eye for composition, creates universes within universes. Witness the whorls of hair on the muzzle of the dog in My Dog Boris and the lines etched in the enigmatic visage of Allistair Loque. The latter image recently won a Canon-sponsored contest out of The Netherlands.

Many of the landscapes Tamas captures are in Ibiza, Spain, where the Hungarian-born artist lives. The Ibiza he records is ancient, mysterious, and lasting, as in Rolling Stones de Ibiza.

Departure Of The Soul, a new work by Tamas included in this gallery, is a double-exposure portrait. Tamas created the image after being hard hit by the death of a close friend. Departure tells the story of a young man's soul which finds it difficult to leave its beautiful body and the world around it. The soul finds it easiest to sneak away in the night while the young man is sleeping.

More of Tamas's work can be seen online.

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