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Songwriter/Poet pc muñoz has taken short-form poetry to a new level. His recently completed multi-media project twenty haiku combines haiku written and recited by the author with improvised music supplied by underground and established musicians and interpretations by visual artists.

A collaboration between Beevine Records and Talking House Productions, the project encompasses an audio CD under five minutes long, a booklet, and a website featuring poems, music, and artwork. The CD contains the passwords for the online display of the art.

The idea behind the project was "to create a Zen-like, spontaneous, 'small form' of music, designed to provoke reflection," according to a press release.

"Some of the musicians wanted to read the haiku before playing their session, but I was pretty tyrannical about the process,” pc muñoz observes. “I gave it to them a few seconds before recording, so whatever they played was a natural response to reading the poem."

The San Jose Museum of Art will host the project's launch November 13. As part of the free event, which will feature live music and art from the collaboration, the public is invited to submit a haiku to haiku(at) During the event, pc muñoz will recite ten of the poems selected.



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