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Small Influences Of Pebbles And Words

By Tom Sheehan

Even now there are places
where I would drop a pebble,
or a small stone by choice,
gray-blue in sunlight, tumbled

a million years for my hand,
or a word not yet leftover:
into a cave in France to hear
the Preadamites talk again

in the long corridors, their
voices heavy and coarse,
how the day fit for gods
or a tusked pig for firing;

into a mine in the Tetons
cluttered for oblivion,
until I’d hear it clear
the air against water;

into a deserted caisson
under a river where bones
are still perfect in concrete
and timeless rejection;

into a yet-known orifice in
Khirbat Qumran, under sand,
where it might roll a whole
year downward without trick-

ing itself out of the way;
down the cathartic throat
of the editor, who said
the poem had “To [sic] little sub-
stance, to [sic] much metaphor.”

Tom Sheehan has a Silver Rose Award from American Renaissance for the Twenty-first Century (ART) for a short story. He has five Pushcart nominations and a nomination for the PEN American Albrand Memoir Award for A Collection of Friends, memoirs, issued in 2004 by Pocol Press.  A poetry chapbook, The Westering, was issued  2004 by Wind River Press.  His fourth poetry book, This Rare Earth & Other Flights, was issued in 2003, by Lit Pot Press.  He has two mysteries from Publish America, Vigilantes East, 2002 and Death for the Phantom Receiver, an NFL mystery, in 2003.  Another mystery, An Accountable Death, is serialized on He has many Internet appearances.

Photo "Pebble 2" courtesy of Steve Gray.

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