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Mark Harris At The Beach


Saltysea 2, Atlantic Coast Series


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Saltysea 1, Atlantic Coast Series


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After experiencing the crisp contrasts of Fashion and Editorial Photographer Mark Harris’s work, it should come as no surprise that he admits to an obsession with white. He has, he says, a white phone, white car, white furniture, white shoes, white art, and white sunglasses.

In the Atlantic Coast Series, bands of white link the sky and the waves, set the bright blue of an umbrella or red of a cooler in shocking relief, and evoke the searing heat of a summer sun.

Mark shot the series on a vacation five years ago.

“I was just getting out of a defunct relationship and rented a condo on the shore for a month or so. In that time I started writing a book and just completely changing my whole persona and outlook," he says.

The vivid coastal images marked a turning point for the photographer, who now has a new love and a new style.

"My photography has since completely changed," he notes.

He plans to display his new work at his online gallery shortly.


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