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I Am Jhonny T. - Portraits Of The Artist


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I Am Jhonny T.



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Juan Antonio Torrent Almela, aka Jhonny T., is a freelance designer and photographer from Burriana (Castellón), Spain. His images are stark and angular, filled with shadows and unexpected glimpses of color. His portraits are powerful and revealing.

Torrent tells VerbSap that he attempts to frame his pictures in such a way that they reveal "another reality that is and we do not see."

"Cuando experimentas con la fotografía se obtienen cosas como estas, cuando hago fotos, siempre que puedo y el tipo de foto me lo permite, intento usar encuadres o tomas algo diferentes que reflejen una realidad algo distorsionada, es simple mostrar otra realidad que está y que no vemos!"

You can see more of his work at his website.

VerbSap thanks the artist for permission to reproduce the self-portraits at left.



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